Embrace the route, the means, and the process.


After my adventure to New Mexico and back I realized and appreciated how adaptable and sinuous I could be. I truly embraced the route, the means, and the process. I stretched myself as I endured hours and hours of driving through both heavy and light traffic, through varying road conditions and landscapes. Driving over steep mountains can be unnerving. I endured a tire episode on the interstate that could have been worse if I panicked.

I connected with who I am. I got to explore deeply into my soul as I took part in that creativity retreat in Taos. And at that retreat, every mile I drove, every person I met, and every event I faced, poured through me in every activity we did. I embraced and welcomed the experiences as I wrote and painted making the retreat much more enriching.

And to this day, I am wiser for it. I am allowing myself to do more as I let go of judgment. I am creating daily (writing and painting with my watercolors).

I know with each experience I am becoming better and better. It is in doing that liberates me and allows me to feel more confident in my talents and in myself as a person. I invite each of you to wholeheartedly embrace the route you are on, the means taking you there and the entire process. Allow the unfolding without criticism and feel the freedom of being you.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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