Picture your day in bliss.


Behold, a new day (a new month)…
with rainbows, sunshine, and blue skies.
New players, rebounds and recoveries.
Abundance, health, and harmony…just like
you’ve been picturing them, right? Right?!

Please tell me you’ve been picturing them!!

~ from Notes From The Universe (by Mike Dooley)

I felt this was a great quote to kick off the month of July, a month significant to Canada and the United States, both whom celebrate national holidays this month. Canada Day is today (July 1st) and in the United States, we have our Independence Day celebration a few days later (July 4th). The forefathers of the United States had to have embraced each new day as they moved forward with a great vision for our great country.

As individuals, we can picture in our mind abundance, health, harmony and happiness each and every new day with which we are blessed and given. We can visualize sunshine and blue skies even on a rainy day! We can see ourselves joyful and dancing into our daily routine or maybe even jig into something a tad different from the usual bump and grind. And, guess what, it is delightfully our choice. The key to happiness is picturing ourselves happy.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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