Create a happy list.


Just thinking about joyful things instantly make me happy!
~ Dr. Angi (aka: Angela Kowitz Orobko)

I am certain there are more than these things that instantly make me happy; but, here are the first 15 things that came to my mind as I was creating my list! And, boo-yah! A smile emerged on my face with each one I wrote. I encourage you to create your own list.

  1. Puppy dogs…especially my Sasha.
  2. Dragonflies.
  3. Fireflies.
  4. Frogs.
  5. Butterflies.
  6. Wildflowers.
  7. Daisies.
  8. Sunsets.
  9. Full moons.
  10. Waterfalls.
  11. Kites.
  12. Blowing bubbles.
  13. Sandy white beaches.
  14. Seashells.
  15. Art supplies.

After the first one (Sasha/puppy dogs), these things are in no particular order of preference. Each of these equally and instantly bring a smile to my face, joy to my soul, and a tickle in my heart! I would love to know what instantly makes you happy. Please share in the comments.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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