What are your favorite words?


For the past seven days, I have been participating in ICAD 2016. What is that, you ask? ICAD = Index Card A Day… it is a 61-day art challenge on DaisyYellowArt.com in which participants create INDEX CARD art…one A DAY for the next 61 days. (Please visit Daisy Yellow Art for details.) Today, as I was working on my “top 10 list”, which was one of the prompts in ICAD 2016, I had a difficult time deciding what top 10 I was going to list; and, then I was struck with inspiration. I am going to list my top 10 favorite words. Here is my ICAD:


(10) synchronicity (9) serendipity (8)colorful
(7) clever (6) splendid

(5) creativity (4) magnificent (3)imaginative
(2) brilliant (1) fascinating

These are my current favorite words; but, I reserve the right to change them, as I had so many honorable mentions like: benevolent, inspiration, radiant, and effervescent. What are your favorite words? And, please check out Daisy Yellow’s  ICAD 2016 for some creative fun!


All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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