Distressing situations can be a lesson in composure.


In the face of adversaries, people are “tested” or “tempted” to react negatively. This can actually be a self-destructive behavior; however, when using such situations to practice restraint, tolerance, love, respect, and kindness, it can become a learning experience. The practice of these alternative behaviors are the BEST use of our energy. When we use an antagonist’s words and actions as fuel for growth, then we have an opportunity to learn and evolve into a loving, compassionate and composed people.

Naturally, it is easier to say than to do; and, each person’s situation is different. Let us consider a situation where an adversary creates an intolerable situation at work such as magnifying all our mistakes to our immediate supervisor. We could get upset or do the same thing against our rival; but, why not use the energy more sensibly to improve our skills and track record.

In the long run, our immediate supervisor will see what a great asset we are because we are able to learn from our mistakes and the situation our rival created.  And, voila! our adversary is no longer empowered. We win!!

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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