Even MORE Mandala Fun


Yesterday, I shared with you one of two mandalas I made over the weekend and a brief description of my process. I have more pictures and details to share with you today. Let me first tell you what my sister did since I was able to capture what she doing more easily.

My sister really enjoys the freehand method as instructed in Kathryn Costa’s book, The Mandala Guide, where Kathryn demonstrates two hand-drawn concentric circles and four short lines going out in the four directions as on a compass: north, east, west, and south. My sister initially followed the demo closely and added four more lines to the outer circle about halfway between each of the four directions. Between lines, she connected them to create a floral-like petals. Inside each of the eight petals, my sister added designs; and, from that point onward she worked outward away from the inner circles adding outlines and arcs. Once she was satisfied with her mandala, she colored it with watercolor paints.

In creating my mandala below, I used a modified grid method by loosely following Kathryn Costa’s demonstrations, merging it with her freehand method. I used a compass to create three concentric circles and then I hand-drew four petals in my center circle. From there I worked outward connecting to my four-petal flower with half-circles. I then created four more petals from my connecting arcs. You can see how I moved outward building from my inner “flower”.  Once I was satisfied with my mandala, I used watercolor paint to color it.

I could have laid down points to help me divide my mandala, but I simply used two intersecting, perpendicular lines to divide my mandala into four parts. I really enjoyed my process and my outcome. For more on the mandala-making process go to 100 Mandalas and secure a copy of Kathryn Costa’s book, The Mandala Guidebook. She did a fabulous job explaining several ways to create mandalas. I am certain her well-constructed demonstrations, guidelines, and tips, along with her colorful mandala examples will inspire all levels of art enthusiasts, mandala-makers, and creative spirits.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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