Be present.


Now is the moment that we are given. Now is the only moment in which we can act and implement a little control. The past is done, a fixed moment in our current linear timeline. The future is overflowing with infinite possibilities of neutral consequence. Our future is neutral and detached because it will never be our present moment; although, what we think and do in the present can influence our next present moment. Over a period of time, excessive anxiety and worrying can affect us physically. Bottom line is that undesirable outcomes will not be altered by anxiety or worry. That energy would be better spent preparing for it, like the saying: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. And, we can only do one thing at a time in the present moment. It is better to keep our thoughts and actions positive. Let us be mindful and really take in each moment as it comes. Now is the moment to receive and appreciate. Cherish it. Be present.

P.S. Today’s image is designed to be a coloring sheet; feel free to download, print, and color it as a way to be present.


All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko



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