Tree advice.


I have found that when I am outside among the trees walking, meditating, pondering, these perfectly unassuming wooded plants communicate to us how to live, through their very existence and presence. Trees survive by: Stretching their limbs and growing; standing their ground; and, being flexible to the winds that often change; but they stay rooted. Trees get plenty of sunshine and enjoy the rain; furthermore, they uptake the detritus and decay from the earth and soil to strengthen their core. We can do the same…

Stretch and grow.
Stand our ground.
Be flexible to the winds of change;
But, stay rooted in our beliefs.
Get plenty of sunshine.
Enjoy the rain.
And use the waste that arises from time to time
to strengthen our inner core spirit.

Let us heed
the advice of a tree.


Incidentally, Arbor Day 2016 was on Friday, April 29; and, many celebrated this past weekend. Everyday is a good day to plant another tree.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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