3 ways to liberate your spirit.


According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, three things clog your soul: negativity, judgment, and imbalance. So then, let us envision ways to liberate our spirit. First let us accept optimism into our realities. Depending on our circumstances, this may be a challenge; but, let us imagine the lift we will get when we release the burden of carrying our misgivings and anxieties. Secondly, let us adopt objectivity and detachment into our temperaments. When we are able to perceive people and things impartially, we begin to appreciate and comprehend our situations. Thirdly, let us find balance in our lives. This takes an honest exploration of our current state of affairs and circumstances. By genuinely examining our lives, we will find those areas that compel our attentions in order to restore equilibrium into our lives. Optimism, objectivity, and balance are three ways to free your spirit.


All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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