Attract worthy people into your life.


You know the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together,” right? This phrase implies that people of the same sort or with the same tastes and interests will be found together. In my experiences, I have found this to be true. People who enjoy books form book clubs. People who enjoy arts and crafts have art leagues. People who enjoy various sports participate in sport clubs and leagues. Civic-minded people participate in civic clubs and organizations. You get the idea.

This concept provides us with a glimpse on how to attract worthy people into our lives. First of all, we are not going to attract too many people worthy or otherwise into our lives, unless we reach out and get out into the world. Technology has made this daunting task easier, as we now have the “world wide web” (aka the internet) that is filled with all sorts of social media and interest-centered sites. We can find our tribe simply by plugging into the internet; however, the internet is only a tool that is similar to a phone book and telephone combined into one.

How we act and behave on the internet (or on any communication device) or out in public in our communities is the substance that will attract (or deter) people into our lives. And, the best way to attract worthy, benevolent, and caring people into our lives, is to be worthy, benevolent, and caring. Dr. Wayne Dyer asserted, “Practice being the kind of person you wish to attract.” If we want loving and kind people in our lives, then we need to practice being loving and kind. It is as simple as that.

I encourage you to try practicing being the kind of person you wish to attract. In fact, I dare you to try, because I know in my heart that you will be successful in attracting exactly those people in your life you want to be. You will find that as you practice being worthy and caring, you will attract worthy and caring people into your life.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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