Transform your loneliness into harmony.


Have you ever felt lonely? I have, when I was younger and less secure with myself. I recall times when I was in high school and college where I felt lonely, even when I was in a room filled with my peers. I had FELT lonely. HOW did I move from this seclusion and melancholy? I believe this transformation emanated when I started to value and appreciate myself. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer believed, “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”

He is absolutely right. As I began to appreciate my gifts and worthiness, I no longer felt alone. I began to like the person I was alone with. As I emerged from the university with my bachelor’s degree, I expanded my mind and my spirit. I empowered myself. And, as a positive result, I attracted meaningful people into my life.

But, how did I start to value myself? Part of the solution came from introspection. I started examining who I was, my achievements, my talents, my personality and my physical attributes. I became consciously aware of all my qualities and I started appreciating them. Much of this self-examination took place in my journal, as I documented all those characteristics I valued in myself. I started to appreciate each one. The list grew long. And, as it did, my level of confidence increased. It mattered not if I was alone. I delighted in the time I had by myself where I could listen to my thoughts, talk to God, and discover how much I have to offer in this world.

If you ever find yourself feeling lonely, consider making a mental or physical list of all your qualities and characteristics. Then, one by one, appreciate them. Speaking from my own experience, I know this is a great way to empower yourself; and, I can promise that you will no longer feel lonely. Instead, you’ll feel harmony.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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