What is holding you back?


Are you a victim of flawed perception? What is holding you back? Modesty. Shyness. Fear. Lack. Cowardice. Most often we do not see ourselves as good enough; and we will shy away from going after things we desire. We have limiting beliefs that prevent us from: going after that ideal job or work promotion; sharing our talents, skills, and opinions; or seeking friends and significant others. How can we shift our shallow perception of ourselves?

Here are 2 suggestions. 1) Seek validation from friends and family. Ask them how they see you as a person, friend, worker, artist, writer, or whatever role or area you would like support and encouragement. 2) Step outside yourself and truly see yourself as others would see you, which can be challenging. Look at your past work and achievements. Reflect back to times when you felt great about yourself and reignite that feeling.

Another way to shift our perception is to stretch out of our comfort zone and just dive into those opportunities that we were too timid to take. Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen? You are not going to be physically hurt by going for it, are you? So, you don’t get the job, the promotion, or what other consequence you imagine. Most often, the perception of failure feels worse than the actual failure. When we try, we are actually developing courage. The next opportunity will be even easier to attempt. Now, ask yourself, what is the BEST thing that could happen? Wow! Success!! And, you will wonder why it took you so long to shake your limiting beliefs and move out of your comfort zone. You CAN do it and will do it, as long as you BELIEVE in yourself and try.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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