Let your inner splendor shine upon the world.


We are ALL naturally magnificent and brilliant, because our true splendor stems from within, our heart and spirit. When we allow it, we dazzle the world. This radiance starts with a smile in our heart, an optimistic and upbeat feeling that warms our soul. When we are in a blissful state of mind, and we are not harboring any negativity, our natural splendor shines brightly upon the world. We really do glow, as our eyes sparkle with enthusiasm!

When we take a moment to pause and release the stresses of the day, we feel it. A great way to get to this uplifting state is to take one to three long, deliberate breaths as we genuinely become mindful of our presence in this exact moment. Let us take delight in it. It is ours to enjoy (or whatever else we choose). No matter how busy our lives can be, we can take a full minute for ourselves, even if it is in the privacy of a bathroom stall (and what a great place to release all your stress).

Our thoughts manifest into reality; therefore, when we think joyful and pleasant thoughts, then joy and pleasantness become our reality. We will feel a warmth in our heart and in our spirit. Honestly, we will! We only need to hold the joy in heart, choose the joy for our next moments, and believe that the joy will continue. Let your inner splendor shine upon the world.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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