Red or blue, let us stand.


As negative rhetoric and activities deriving from the U.S. Presidential candidate rallies continue to make headlines, we must manage an attitude and approach to stay above it.   We choose how to react and feel. We could choose to lash out, or we could choose to act sensibly. Instead of anger or dissidence, let us stay composed. Let us unite, no matter what our politics are. Let us act responsibly, respectfully, and dignified. Let us communicate to our would-be leaders that we deserve better than the spectacle they are giving us. We, the people of the United States can do this by demonstrating positive behaviors with each other no matter what our politics are. “How?” you ask.

First, we need to honor our differences of opinion. We CAN respect each other without having to agree on specific political issues. We are capable of proceeding with tact, diplomacy, and decorum. We can do this daily in our communications with each other by holding back from saying or posting anything that could be construed as negative.

Second, when we are faced with negative quips about our politics (on- or off-line), we have an opportunity to take the high road by ignoring it and remaining calm. We must remember that is NOT personal. If a response is obligatory, we can offer appreciation for their opinion; and, then we can agree to disagree on this topic. One of the keys to happiness is consciously choosing a positive attitude in the face of negative situations. Pursuing a matter from a more positive approach may not always get you to an ideal solution, but you will feel better, more joyful and less stressed. Right?

Third, we can unite and stand together with our friends, acquaintances, and peers of varying politics, who also feel a positive approach would better serve our country. Let us express to our current and prospective leaders that we want better than what we are currently receiving from our candidates. Our country is only as good as our weakest link. Let us be a positive source of support, encouragement, and inspiration to those who are misguided. Let us all learn from every positive or negative experience in our lives, as each moment is an opportunity for growth and development. And, let us heed the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer: Be willing to accept total responsibility for every facet of your own life.

Red or blue, we will stand
together hand-in-hand.
Let us always make
our nation GRAND!

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko

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