How to get back into balance.


Most everything we know in life and in nature has an opposite. Day has night. Dark has light. Hot has cold. Male has female. Black has white. Yes has no. These opposing forces can create balance when applied with the same amount of force on each side. Have you ever felt off-balanced or out of sorts? Most people have.

What does balance look like? We can think of balance as being in a place where it is neither hot nor cold. It is warm and comfortable; it is grey; it is maybe; it is something in between the extremes. Balance is about being in the middle. Visualize a circus performer balancing on a tight-rope and walking slowly and deliberately. That is one way of looking at balance. A great example is learning to ice skate or roller blade. We want to balance on our skates. We do this by using opposing forces. If we feel we are about to fall to the right, we pull our body to the left.

How does balance apply to our lives; and, how can we attain balance? Awareness is the first step to attaining balance. Stop, look, and consider what might be causing the imbalance. An unexpected event can cause imbalance in one’s life, such as, a car accident or losing one’s job. How do we cope with life-altering events? We can change our focus from the life-altering situation and examine at the big picture. How?

The best way to change our focus and get back into balance is to ask a few questions: What is the lesson in all of this? What is the positive side in this situation? Where is the opportunity in this situation? How can we bless it and move back to a place of equilibrium? And, what can we laugh about this situation in our life?

Viewing a negative situation from different perspectives can help us achieve balance. Let us consider communicating to ourselves as if we were guiding another person in the same situation, in other words, be fair and objective. Balance can be achieved when people address themselves in the third person. Take for instance Terry Fisher is laid off from his or her job. Terry talks to him/herself about it; and this self-dialogue could be: “Hey, Terry, yes life is not ideal right now, but look at the blessings in the situation like: the opportunity to meet new people and explore different fields; a chance to learn something new and to see things differently. Yes, it is currently distressing, but now a broad span of possibilities is available because the current job is no longer an obstacle or complication.”

One of the best ways for us to move from a place of imbalance to balance is to engage in an activity that is opposite from what we would routinely do. For example, if we have been consistently tired in the late afternoons even after a power nap during our lunch hour, then maybe we need to consider taking a power walk at lunch instead of the nap. That seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? However, the activity gets our heart rate up, as it moves oxygenated blood through our bodies and increases our energy level.

Mull over this truism inspired by Henry Ford and Tony Robbins: “If we continue to do what we have always done, then we will continue to get what we have always gotten.” Here is another amusing thought by Albert Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Does this suggest many people are insane? Perhaps. And, perhaps it is time we consider using opposing forces as a process to shift our thoughts toward balance.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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