A great way to remember a list of words or facts is to use a mnemonic device where you make a word from the first letters of each item in that list. For example: HOMES is word (aka acronym) that can be used to remember the names of the five Great Lakes of the United States: Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior.

As a Life Coach and Teacher, I delight in creating acronyms as learning devices to remember behaviors and strategies to positively impact the lives of my following, my readers, my clients, and my students. One such acronym is CLEVER. I encourage all who know me to be CLEVER as a behavioral strategy in order to have a balanced and gratifying life.



Let me take a few moments to delineate each behavior.

CARING is a behavior where we engage our heart with others, to act with kindness, to be helpful, attentive, and considerate. When we are caring, we directly benefit others. They will feel valued, respected, or appreciated, which ultimately gives us a boost. It also gives anyone who witnesses our actions encouragement (and possibly inspiration).

LOVING is a behavior that takes caring to the next level. We also need to remember to be loving of toward ourselves. Too often we take ourselves out of the equation in our day-to-day routines. When we love ourselves, in addition to others, we strengthen our self-worth and self-value. Then we can love and care for others with confidence and authenticity.

ENTHUSIASTIC describes a state of being in which we are filled with fervor, zeal, passion, eagerness, and excitement. According to Wikipedia, the word “enthusiastic” was originally used to refer to a person possessed by a god; and, Socrates taught that the inspiration of poets is a form of enthusiasm. When we allow ourselves to be enthusiastic about anything in our lives, we attract interest and attention from others, which leads to recognition and achievement. Enthusiasm fuels our spirit and creates the momentum we need to follow-through and be successful.

VERSATILE is our ability to be flexible and adapt. By being versatile, we are granted the possibility to change, grow, develop, and evolve into enlightened individuals. We realize and obtain the importance of self-acceptance and the acceptance of all things. This allows us to become self-actualized, the achievement of our full potential.

EMPOWERED is a state of being when we feel emboldened, confident, and free to make our own choice and decisions. When we recognize our self-worth; and, when we can be flexible, we become empowered. We feel inspired and energized to take positive action in our lives, which leads to joy and fulfillment.

RESILIENT describes our capacity to take a licking, but keep on ticking; it is our ability to bounce back after a failure or defeat. When we are resilient, we are robust, tough and resistant to giving up or giving in. By being able to continue after challenging situations, we greatly increase our odds for victory. In combination with all the other behaviors discussed, we ensure our realization at a joyful and gratifying life.

Consider everything you have just read about being CLEVER; and, see how it works for you. Also, think about other ways you can use mnemonic devices to help you remember those things that are important in your life.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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