17 lessons from Sasha (my fur-companion).


Why are the life spans of our fur-companions (dogs) shorter than the life span of a human? A six-year-old boy named Shane from the well-known story about his family and their dog, Belker, explained: “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good Life—like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?” The six-year-old continued, “Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t need to stay as long.”

Too often people take years to learn to love everybody all the time and be nice. Unconditional love among other qualities seem to be innate in our fur-companions. By closely observing our fur-companions, we can witness and perhaps acquire the wisdom to create a more meaningful, enlightened life for ourselves. Over the past 7 years, Sasha has shown me how to be and how to live a more blissful life. Here are 17 significant lessons she has taught me:

  1. PLAY and have FUN daily…Ever since Sasha was only a few months old, she reminds me to play as she would pounce on my shoelaces, play hide and seek, or bring me a toy so we could play fetch or tug.
  2. GET PLENTY of REST…Sasha never passes up an opportunity to get in a nap and often nudges me when it is time for bed.
  3. STRETCH after a long resting period before rising…Sasha has this down to a fine art as she has demonstrated her best yoga pose…downward dog. LOL
  4. ROAM AROUND and RUN FREE…Sasha thoroughly delights in roaming around and running free, which reminds me how important it is to engage in physical activities that I enjoy.
  5. LIVE in the MOMENT…Sasha demonstrates how to live in the moment as she gets absorbed in whatever activity she is doing at the moment, which is a lesson I need reinforced in my life.
  6. DON’T RUSH what is important…Sasha takes her time in most of her activities like relishing nature, roaming around outdoors, and investigating.
  7. GIVE WARM WELCOMES and HEARTFELT GOOD-BYES…Sasha reminds me how important I am to her with her enthusiastic greetings and pleading good-byes.
  8. GO for JOYRIDES…I can whisper the word, “car-ride” and Sasha will come dashing from the other end of the house to the garage door that leads to the car.
  9. RELISH the OUTDOORS…Sasha’s favorite word next to “car-ride” is “outside”; her enthusiasm for fresh air and sunshine is second to none; and, she goes bonkers when she spots any animals in her yard.
  10. BE CURIOUS…Sasha delights investigating everything and everyone.
  11. APPRECIATE ATTENTION and proper PHYSICAL CONTACT…Sasha is a glutton for attention; and, if she doesn’t get it right away, she will nuzzle you until you pet her.
  12. DRINK LOTS of WATER…Sasha can go through a couple of gallons of water especially on a hot day.
  13. BE TRANSPARENT…Sasha’s body language is apparent; when she’s happy, she dances around and wags her entire body.
  14. ENJOY the SIMPLE THINGS…Sasha gets more enjoyment from a discarded sock than an expensive toy.
  15. BE DEVOTED…Sasha is my shadow.
  16. BE AUTHENTIC…Sasha is lovable Sasha, a great reminder that I am lovable as is.
  17. BE EMPATHETIC…Sasha can sense when I am having a bad moment; she will silently sit close and gently snuggle with me.

Each of the lessons that Sasha has expressed as she lives her life has given me insight on how I should live my life to ensure health, happiness and contentment. Sasha regularly aligns me when we spend time together. When I am with her, I recognize the importance of enjoying the moment and the simple things in life. Sasha reminds me of all the things that are most important in life: love, laughter, empathy, gratitude, authenticity, devotion, activity, fun, devotion, transparency, curiosity, and a healthy life style.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko

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