Expand your awareness.


Awareness is your ability to sense, to feel, to perceive, to comprehend and/or to be conscious of events, conditions, objects, or patterns in your external or internal environment. Some people are more acutely aware than others, while some are “blind” or desensitized to certain conditions, objects or events in their environment. White noise like a fan or air conditioner can be tuned out by someone who has grown accustomed to it; but, a sudden noise will grab his or her attention.

All of us have a sense of who we are and of our environment; however, our awareness may be slight, superficial, or desensitized. When we can go deeper into our consciousness, we become expansive and fully aware of how every experience in our lives developed and formed us into exactly who we are. This level of awareness gives us clarity. But, how can we get that level of awareness?

For those who are complacent and continue to live in their comfort zone, this awakening may take a powerful jolt, like surviving an environmental disaster or near-death experience. Awareness arises when we draw comparisons in our lives; therefore, new perspectives that come from new experiences (positive or negative) will expand and heighten our awareness. We don’t know what we are missing if we never experienced it; likewise, we don’t know what we have until we no longer have it.

For example, most of us take for granted that our municipal water is safe to use and drink. What an inconceivable wake-up call the residents of Flint, Michigan received. It is a ludicrous and outrageous situation; but, it has also been an opportunity for people to step-up and help. It has also made us aware that maybe our own public water may be tainted.

Practicing gratefulness will expand our awareness. As we appreciate what we have like our health, our socioeconomic status, our level of education, our material wealth, our friends, family and community, then we increasingly become aware of those who do not have health, home, resources, friends, and family. Furthermore, as we practice service and charity, we expand our awareness, as well as, our hearts.

Complete awareness unveils where we need to go. And, this complete awareness brings clarity and contentment. Acute awareness is the first step towards positive change. Once we know who and what we are; then, decisions can be made on what action to take next toward what we want to become. Complete awareness can sometimes be frightening. Honor that fear and embrace the next step. Allow your newly acquired awareness of who you are and where you are in your life to lead your head, heart, and spirit.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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