How to connect with your inner wise self.


In our minds, there stirs a voice, often like a whisper that speaks to our spirit.

You know that voice, especially after hearing a catchy tune and that song repeats itself in your head for the rest of the day. External stimuli can activate that voice positively or negatively. I believe that is why people are just a bit nicer in December when all the positive, happy, and fun Christmas songs are broadcasted into the general public almost everywhere.

However, the wisdom that I speak of originates from the soul of an individual.

It is a deep internal whisper that you hear only when you are sitting quietly in prayer and/or meditation. The inner wise self may also surface while you participate in solo activities like swimming, painting, playing a musical instrument, or many other individual pursuits or interests. Physical and creative activity, as well as, spiritual pursuit can rouse our inner wisdom. The key is to learn how to actually listen to it over the mindless chatter that may be stuck in your head due to external pressure and distraction.

You know that nagging voice.

The one that won’t let you enjoy the moment because it is screaming, “Pay the bills, pick up the kids, make the meals, register to vote, complete the paperwork, file the taxes, clean the house, gas up the car, take out the garbage, renew your driver’s license, get the groceries, meet with the boss, meet with the teacher, do the laundry, schedule that long overdue appointment, go to that appointment…” You get the idea. The best way to lower the volume of that chatter and eventually eliminate it is to focus on your breathing and/or your heartbeat.

You do this by closing your eyes and breathing slowly, deliberately and deeply.

Focus only on the breathing, the air going in and out of your lungs. In through your nose and out through your mouth with a sigh or a hum. If the mindless chatter is still stirring and distracting you, vocalize in your thoughts these words, “Breathe in (as you inhale); breathe out (as you exhale).” You can create a chant or mantra to help ground you in the moment and allow you to release the nagging to-do list in your mind; for example: “This is my time (on the intake of your breath); this is my moment (on the release of your breath).” Do this several times.

It only takes a few moments.

Moreover, before you partake in any solo activity, engage in the aforementioned deep breathing activity, which will allow you to cherish and savor your personal pursuits. Also, you will be clearing a channel for the voice of your inner wise self to connect with you. Not only are you able to hear your inner wisdom with clarity, but you will also be able to relish your personal pursuits and activities with profound contentment and serenity. Then be prepared and open to receive any newfound wisdom that comes to you. This is where great ideas are born. Are you listening?

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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