Consider your decisions, actions, and circumstances.


With what expression do you identify more: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”; or, “only fools rush in?” Are you one that looks before you leap, or do you feel those who hesitate is lost? Do you plan for the future or do you live for today? Do you feel too many cooks spoil the broth, or, do you feel many hands make light work?

You will find many axioms and expressions that are in contradiction. Which one is true? Both are true, but it depends on the situation for which it is being applied. At certain times, a calculated risk is worthwhile; but, in other times, it would be foolish to act quickly. Sometimes teamwork is the best way to approach a project, particularly where creativity, new ideas, and information are needed; and, sometimes, independent work is needed on a project, especially when specific tasks need to be done and it is time-critical.

Each situation calls for different action; therefore, each situation should be examined. One principle, guideline, or axiom is not going to fit every situation. Too often, we will find that one exception to the rule. Is it reasonable to act solely based on a guideline or policy every time? Shouldn’t we consider the nature of some circumstances?

When given a challenge, a choice, a circumstance, a situation, or a condition, how will you choose to act? Do you blindly follow policy or rely on an assumption? (Like: “I have ALWAYS done it this way.”) Do you have flexibility to stop and think before you act? Most of us do; so, take the time to ask yourself why you feel a certain way (of acting) about a given situation, circumstance, or challenge. This will give you an insight and/or a new perspective, which will guide your decision and your next action step.

Examine your process of making decisions (and taking action). How do you evaluate your choices? Or, do you simply act now and ask questions later? Or, does it depend on the situation? Do you make different choices and act differently at work than you would in a social setting? I hope you will take a few moments to mull over these questions. Remember, too, each of us have different value systems; and, each of us will approach situations differently. Let us take the opportunity to exercise patience and practice kindness with one another.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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