10 ways to tap into your creative mind.


What is impossible really is not; because if you can conceive it then it must be possible. Landing men on the moon and cloning were once believed to be science fiction and impossible. Look at all the innovations and technologies that are available today, such as 3d printing and touch screen laptop computers. All of this was considered far-fetched and impossible 100 years ago. Every innovation originated as an idea, notion, or concept from a creative mind. Our creative mind is a treasure trove of an infinite number of possibilities. The key is tapping into it.

We rob ourselves of opportunities when we close our minds to possibilities. If we can think it, we can do it! All things are possible when we engage our imagination. Here are 10 ways to expand your imagination and tap into your creative mind:

  1. Brainstorm ideas, writing, or art-making in a confined period of time using a timer.
  2. Imagine a perfect world/invention? Write or draw around the idea.
  3. Change the name of anything. Create new words. Define them.
  4. Create a new symbol to represent yourself or idea.
  5. Deliberately make a mistake and then work around it. Find another way.
  6. Experiment. Try your ideas out. Introduce new things to it or subtract from it.
  7. Make your own rules. Question conventionality.
  8. Go backwards. Reverse your point of view.
  9. Cut one or more images into pieces and put it back together differently.
  10. Compare two unlikely items. Example: what do dogs and shovels have in common?

Explore your imagination as if you are Alice in Wonderland and come up with at least 10 impossible things. Ironically, the possibilities are only limited by a closed mind. Again, if we can think it, we can do it. Can we defy gravity? Yes, via magnetism, helium, and with rockets. Can we travel the speed of light or the speed of an instant thought? I am certain someone is working on it. We are already sending messages almost as fast as a thought using computers and telephones. It seems instantaneous.

In any case, possibilities are fun to contemplate and examine. I believe all things are possible. The possibilities are endless when we use our imagination. What are you open to imagine?

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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