5 ways to simplify.


Visualize a space filled with unsorted mail, magazines, a couple boxes of holiday decorations and other misplaced items; and, every hour in the week is filled with work, events and obligations. Now, visualize a space that is open with only essential items and a few aesthetic pieces; and, a calendar is pared down to only compulsory commitments with lots of wiggle room. Which image brought positive feelings and eased the air flow into your lungs?

Open spaces in our environment and agenda emancipate our spirits and give us freedom and independence. We no longer feel confined in our space or restricted by time. Euphoria is attainable when we simplify. The openness invites lucidity and we are able to focus and liberate the creative mind Our imagination now has room to play.

How can we establish an open space in our environment and in our calendar?

Here are 5 suggestions that have made a difference and easy to maintain:

  1. I changed my mindset. I learned to say NO to events, people, and items that were not serving my needs in order to say YES to my serenity and contentment. I started with my calendar, closet, and pantry.
  2. I delegated. I learned to depend on others to carry out tasks that I did not need to oversee or micromanage; I relinquished control, accepted new standards, and trusted others.
  3. I adopted the 5 minute-rule. Anything I could do in 5 minutes or less, I do right away, such as sorting mail right away that would otherwise pile up and become a daunting chore later, eek!
  4. I implemented the “big to small policy” of maintaining my home; I tackle the chores that make the greatest visual impact first, such as making beds; taking care of dirty/clean laundry; and clearing off desks, tables and chairs that seem to catch everything.
  5. I utilized an in/out directive. Each time a new item comes into my home, a comparable item must exit my home, especially with clothes, doggy toys, office supplies, and electronics.

How have you been able to simplify? Please share your tips in the comments.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


2 thoughts on “5 ways to simplify.

  1. Dr. Angi,    Your posts are the first thing I open in the morning.    Loved your “Fun” poem. I’m going to write it in Calligraphy and hang it in my studio. It is something I have to sometimes remember to do; especially being manic-depressive.    I put a lot of your posts in my emotional tool belt, for those difficult days.    Have a great day.Cathe Ekas

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