Building resilience.

Bouncing back and recovering from a challenge or discouraging situation is resilience. Some people are more resilient than others; but, how do these people become resilient? Resilience is developed over time through overcoming difficulties and hardships in our lives, whether it be dealing with illness or death, going through a break-up, or coping with unforeseen changes at work or at home. Look for the blessings in the situation.

I propose that you ask yourself the following questions to facilitate building resilience in your life: What can I learn from this hardship? What is good about this ordeal? What is the gift or opportunity in this situation? What is funny about this challenge? This will help you gain a different perspective of a difficult situation and allow you to grow from it to become more resilient. Each time you are able to bounce back from a setback or problem the stronger your resolve; moreover, your life will become a symbol of hope to others as you inspire others who are going through similar challenges in their lives.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko


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