A hug.


A hug…it is like hot soup on a cold winter’s day; it is comfort and sustenance for the heart and soul! A hug is a wonderfully warm and loving embrace that represents our consideration, kindness, and affections. Hugging is therapeutic, as it transfers positive energy, resulting in an emotional lift to the person receiving the hug. Hugs do not have to be reserved for other people. You can wrap those amenable arms around yourself as well as others and squeeze! Go ahead. Go on! Do it right now!!!

((BIG HUG!!!)) You have been virtually hugged by me! 😀 Big grin. How does it feel? Virtual hugs feel almost as good as the real thing. Incidentally, today is National Hugging Day, occasionally shortened to National Hug Day, which was first celebrated in 1986 after being published in Chase’s Calendar of Annual Events.

Did you know that hugging is a form of communication? Hugs can say things that words could never express. I have found that hugs are authentically rewarding when they are unexpected, but welcomed and needed… like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Have you ever hugged someone you do not know, who looked like they needed it? I have. Those are the best because there are no expectations attached. Naturally, you will want to get permission first, but I challenge anyone who reads this blog to hug at least one person today, because, the best thing about a hug is that you usually cannot give one without getting one in return.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K. Orobko

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