Find the joy in any situation.


Joy…expressed with a smile and felt in the heart and the soul. Joy can be an elusive feeling for many, but why? The reason joy is intangible for many is because they allow neutral situations trigger negative feelings. Traffic is a neutral situation that often triggers frustration and sometimes road rage. Traffic does not have to trigger negative emotions. Traffic can be an opportunity…to meditate, to take in the scenery, to enjoy the radio. Joy is a CHOICE! That’s right! It IS a choice. How? you ask. Look at your current situation. How do you feel about it? Why do you feel that way? Can you see other ways of looking at your situation? Do you see opportunities for joy in it?

Let me share with you a personal account as an example: How have I been feeling lately? I have been feeling a bit sluggish after the holidays. Why? The low energy was prompted by neutral situations… putting away the festive holiday decorations, longing for family members that visited who live 600 miles away, and facing the short, somber days of winter, along with the frigid, cold temperatures at night. I could allow this to spiral downward into despair or I could look at the positives of my current situation. I have the opportunity for a fresh start as I get to organize my home after the holidays. I can cherish the beautiful memories I made with my visiting family members by putting together a photo album or scrapbook. I can chase away the winter conundrums by getting cozy in front of lively, flaming logs in the fireplace, toasting marshmallows, and sipping hot cocoa. After considering the positive actions that I can take, I can embrace the joy of the situations. Joy comes from choosing to see upside of every condition or circumstance, and creating new pathways toward happiness and bliss, such as: getting a fresh start, creating a scrapbook, enjoying a cozy fire, and so much more.

Those who choose to find joy in any situation will always find opportunities for fulfillment and happiness in their lives. Do you see how joy can work its way into your life? It is my desire that you do. With joy, may you be blessed!

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K.Orobko


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