10 ways to journal.


On my 6th birthday, I was given a diary. It is green and has a lock and key. From that point on, I have been motivated to keep some sort of diary, log, or journal, on and off. If I could go back in time, I wish I had been more consistent; but, I am grateful that I have chronicled some significant events in my life, as well as, poured onto those pages creative works and prayers. Keeping a journal has helped me to grow and evolve professionally and spiritually. I even included art in many of them and later designated journals only for art works. Yes, there were times when I would let weeks or even months pass without documenting day-to-day experiences, but that did not stop me from picking up where I had left off. I encourage everyone to utilize a journal to expand themselves professionally and/or spiritually. Here are ten ways (of many) to use a journal that I have found most useful.

  1. To chronicle significant events and experiences.
  2. To talk to God through written prayer and meditation.
  3. To record diet and exercise.
  4. To plan (lessons, meals, gardens, events).
  5. To brainstorm ideas for stories, projects, business ventures, etc.
  6. To count my blessings and create a list of gratitude.
  7. To dialogue with my spirit to affirm my value and worth (love notes to self).
  8. To jot down clever quotes of friends and celebrities.
  9. To create poetry and/prose.
  10. To practice creating various art forms: faces, mandalas, lettering.

Please share the ways you have used or would like to use a diary, log, or journal in the comments below.

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