Defining transformation.


Transformation has traditionally been defined as a marked change, as in appearance or character usually for the better. Transformation to me is more than just change positive or otherwise. It is a completely new form of ourselves (reinvented or recreated), where we cannot go back because of our new awareness. It is like waking up for the first time someplace different and never being able to go back. The new experiences and new information has changed our outlooks and perspectives. Transformation involves our entire being including mind, body and spirit. We can no longer look at something the same way again because of this new awareness and knowledge.

Most of the time this can be for the good; but, sometimes it can be negative. I am not going to dwell on the negative. When we discover something new about ourselves, other people, events, or things; then we come to expect it. For example, I discovered a new way of thinking and feeling as I have learned the power of personal choice and responsibility. We get to choose how to feel, think, and react; and, this is powerful. Every situation is truly neutral until we assign it an emotion. This awareness has transformed the way I have lived for nearly a decade. Will I go back to blaming people or events for my outcomes? No. I know I can look at any situation with whatever emotion I wish to attach to it; furthermore, I will continue to take ownership of that emotion. Let us embrace transformations, as it will expand us.

In light of transformation, today is designated as Organize Your Home Day and Monday was Clean Off Your Desk Day. Below are images before and after I cleaned off my desk, as I promised in Monday’s blog.

Is it a transformation? I hope so; I would like to keep my desk clutter free. My transformation success depends on whether or not I have found the best system to address my incoming mail, work-related documents, and office supplies among the less important stuff that was on my desk. Ideally, having adequate storage, which I have, helps tremendously. I also found that I need to be more judicious in letting go of items that really have no future purpose other than the ones I create in my own mind. Wish me well. Happy Transforming!

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K.Orobko


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