Dreams can become a reality.


Dreams are a culmination of memories and desires. Dreams are ultimately our largest and greatest of intentions. Dreams can become a reality if we believe in ourselves and set aside time to take action. Taking ACTION toward our dreams is the only way to realize our dreams. I also believe that visualizing our dreams as we are already achieved them will help us get there. For example, my dream is to be well-known, published author, speaker, and artist. Well, the only way to get there is to write manuscripts, give speeches, and create artwork.

Guess what I do daily? I write. I blog. I speak. I draw. I paint. I create digital graphics. The more I do, the better I get. I also share my writing, my words, and my art wherever I can. I am not just dreaming and thinking about it; I am taking steps toward my dream. What are your dreams? What action steps can you take right now to bring you closer to your dreams? Thank you for following and commenting on Hearts That Care. I feel blessed and grateful that I have you supporting my dreams. How can I support your dreams? 

By the way, today (Wednesday, January 13) is Make Your Dreams Come True Day.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K.Orobko


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