Shine with a positive attitude.


2016 is a U.S. Presidential election year. And, the negative campaigning has already become apparent. Let us not allow this form of propaganda lead us to thinking that this is appropriate behavior. We can do better and be better than that. We can rise above any negativity in how we react and behave. Let us use this year’s election as a platform to learn from our less enlightened political candidates and followers!

Action speaks LOUDER than words. We do not need to point out the flaws in others (and spread the smearing propaganda on our social media feeds). That just makes us look judgmental or worse. Let us be our shimmering, positive selves. We can take a stand in what we believe without using negativity.

When others are putting us and our beliefs down, let us consider the source. We know that everyone will not agree with us; but, some people express themselves in a less tolerant way than others. Let us shrug off the negativity. Let us smile, thank them for their opinion and outshine them with our uplifting attitudes. Let us try to see the best in them; and, let us hope they can see the best in us, as we empower ourselves from NOT being pulled into an abrasive dispute. Name-calling and smearing campaigns reflect poorly on the source; not on us. Everyone else will see the confident and brilliant attitude as long as we can continue to be our positive and encouraging selves.

Let us BE the stars that we are and shine with our positive energy!

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A.K.Orobko

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