Bold in 2016.


I promised yesterday that I would share my one word for the year 2016 today after I went through MY ONE WORD for the YEAR activity; and, my word for 2016 is BOLD, which implies fearlessness, spunk, pluck, courage, and valor.

The creative and spirit-centered process was so rewarding as I took time to really reflect on 2015, the joys, the successes, the challenges, and the lessons. By taking a honest look at my resistance to change, I found avoidance and fear lingering in the shadows.

As I make my mark in 2016, I intend to be courageous in all my actions. I will continue blogging daily, but only Monday – Friday (my time zone). I need the weekends to refill my creative well. The month of December has been rewarding and has gotten me back into the habit of writing. Thank you all for being a witness to this and providing feedback via “likes” and “comments”. I deeply appreciate your support.

“May love increase, may all worries cease, and ALL the world rejoice in peace! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

If you would like a copy of my activity, you can message me your e-mail address via Facebook ( or through my website,

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