10 ways to tap into your creative mind.

What is impossible really is not; because if you can conceive it then it must be possible. Landing men on the moon and cloning were once believed to be science fiction and impossible. Look at all the innovations and technologies that are available today, such as 3d printing and touch screen laptop computers. All of … More 10 ways to tap into your creative mind.


5 ways to simplify.

Visualize a space filled with unsorted mail, magazines, a couple boxes of holiday decorations and other misplaced items; and, every hour in the week is filled with work, events and obligations. Now, visualize a space that is open with only essential items and a few aesthetic pieces; and, a calendar is pared down to only … More 5 ways to simplify.

Building resilience.

Bouncing back and recovering from a challenge or discouraging situation is resilience. Some people are more resilient than others; but, how do these people become resilient? Resilience is developed over time through overcoming difficulties and hardships in our lives, whether it be dealing with illness or death, going through a break-up, or coping with unforeseen … More Building resilience.

Have fun.

FUN Fun is colorful! Fun is festive. Fun is whatever we make of it! Creating fun is fun. Sparkly, bubbly and fanciful, fun can be. Especially when it is more than just me. Smile on my face and a grin from grace. Joy and delight with all our might! Life is too brief to be … More Have fun.

A hug.

A hug…it is like hot soup on a cold winter’s day; it is comfort and sustenance for the heart and soul! A hug is a wonderfully warm and loving embrace that represents our consideration, kindness, and affections. Hugging is therapeutic, as it transfers positive energy, resulting in an emotional lift to the person receiving the … More A hug.


I believe in you. I accept you. You have value and significance. Let us embrace one another and truly accept everything about each other. Furthermore, let us educate and empower everyone about those labeled disabled. Let us be able to look beyond (dis)abilities, appearances, and belief systems, as we take the first steps in positively … More Acceptance.