Focus on ONE WORD in 2016.


Today is the perfect day to consider what you would like to focus on for the new year. Take a moment and ponder. Think about your year. Ask yourself the following questions: What were the highlights of my year? What were the lessons I learned this year? What experiences were the most meaningful? What areas in my life this past year could I improve upon?

For the past 5 years, I have been choosing MY ONE WORD OF THE YEAR, by going through a creative process and a series of questions. In 2015, I choose 2 words, dynamic and flow (see past article: DYNAMIC and FLOW).  Upon reflection, these words served me well as they brought forth lots of positive energy to all my endeavors; furthermore, this encouraged a flow of opportunities and accomplishments like becoming a part of a Toastmasters chapter; going to the  “I CAN DO IT” conference in Orlando, Florida;  meeting and befriending some amazing people; and, letting go of 22 pounds, which has significantly helped me to become more active.

What are you ready to embrace, invite, and appreciate in 2016? Take this opportunity to really think about it. If you are uncertain, I have a great activity, which allows you to do a bit of self-discovery and engage your creative side to narrow your intentions for the year to one word. That is exactly what I will be doing today; and, I will share with you my one word of the year on New Year’s Day (tomorrow).

Here is a taste of MY ONE WORD for the YEAR activity: First consider words or images that sum up your past year; then think about your hopes for the months ahead. I follow this up with 6 probing questions and a creative, spirit-centered process to narrow your thoughts down to one word for the year.

If you would like a copy of my activity, you can message me your e-mail address via Facebook ( or through my website,

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