Your joy brings joy to others.


I often find that when I am doing what I really enjoy doing, I bring joy to others, whether it is art, writing, teaching or in my life coaching practice. My enthusiasm is transmitted through my actions, my services, and in my products. And, you know what? Your enthusiasm will shine through in the activities that you genuinely delight in doing, too! Really!

in ALL those ACTIVITIES that you really LOVE to DO!

Our spirit is lifted when we watch others who get into their groove in whatever task, job or activity they are engaged. It is a refreshing to be around people who love their jobs. Consider that one cashier who smiled and gave you his or her undivided attention. Also, when we choose to put joy into our jobs, we will get a lift from our work, making it feel more like playtime. This makes our jobs a double blessing, when we can bring joy to others as we get joy from our work.

All rights reserved. ©2015 by A.K.Orobko


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