Negative events transform with time.


Negative events in our lives, such as bullying, job lay-offs, and natural disaster, have a way of transforming into blessings and opportunities. While in the midst of a “trying circumstances,” it is hard to see; but by allowing ourselves time to grieve, meditate and pray, we will find ourselves uplifted and stronger. Negatives become positive learning events. This is often true with communities, as well as for individuals. We find that we have grown stronger and more courageous from the experience. We just need to be patient and open to receive this gift of transformation.

All rights reserved. ©2015 by A.K.Orobko

3 thoughts on “Negative events transform with time.

  1. This is such an important lesson for today, where there are so many pills to take away they pain … It is given to us for a reason, we may not know it, but as you say, feeling it, living through it is transformative …


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