Decide to persevere.


Outcomes are what we make through the decisions we make and how we choose to act/react. If we decide it is going to be for the best, then, of course, it will. We may not always win or succeed; however, we can choose to believe that it was for the best. Right? It is a mindset. And, what we decide to do next will demonstrate our character. We will persevere. We will let “setbacks” only to challenge us to try harder and/or change tactics. Failure is not option if we choose it not to be. When we decide that everything is going to turn out for the best, it will!

All rights reserved. ©2015 by A.K.Orobko

2 thoughts on “Decide to persevere.

  1. Dear Angela,    I absolutely love your new posts. I look forward to them every morning.    Happy Holidays.Cathe Ekas from snowy Oregon 


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