The Big 3 In Raising Children

There are 3 key things parents must give children:

1. Love 

2. Limits

3. Time

Love. Love is that bond between people who keeps them together in mutual affection and nurturing. Most parents give their children abundant love and this is usually not an issue in most families. Parents, however, often are challenged when it comes to setting limits with their children and creating time for their children.

Limits. Children and teenagers need boundaries. When limits are set and enforced, children feel safe and secure. Parents need to be strong enough to keep limits intact and not bend the rules. Children really do appreciate parents who are clear in their expectations; moreover, they respect their parents for maintaining their boundaries. Respect is a character trait that is expected in the classroom and later appreciated in the workplace of adults. Respect builds trust. Trust builds camaraderie, teamwork and strong interpersonal relationships.

Time. The old adage of quality time being important, whilst true, needs to be supported by the quantity of time a parent spends with his or her children. This can be a challenge in single parent homes or where both parents are working; and, if your children are involved in sports and lots of other extracurricular activities, family time together becomes nearly impossible. This is when parents need the resolve to get out the calendar and start scheduling family time first around all the extracurricular activities. Although this may be a challenge at first, families can get quite creative. Families can exercise together and schedule meals together. Ideally, it would be great for families to have two meals together daily (breakfast and dinner) but it can be a struggle just to have one meal a day together. Mealtime conversations promote family unity. Planning family time is unique to each family as they examine what they are already doing and see what else they can add to spend more time together.

Strong family foundations are built when parents can give their children love, limits and time in the right proportions that best suit their needs. Raising children can be a challenge, but when parents are open to sound advice and trying new things, parents will find the process fluent.


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